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A beautiful smile is priceless. But there is something unfortunate about a self-conscious smile that is trying to hide stained teeth. Teeth are not naturally bright white, nor are they brown or yellow. Maintaining their natural perfection seems impossible though when most of the delicious things we eat often leave us with dark looking teeth. This is where professionally administered whitening can help to enhance your naturally beautiful smile, giving you the freedom to smile with confidence.

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As with most things, there is a vast difference in quality between over the counter whiteners and professional whitening treatments. DIY products are much less effective and may cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums.  There is a process to achieving your bright smile, and it begins with a visit to your dentist to have your teeth and gums assessed, ensuring that they can handle the treatment.

At Westside Dentistry we use Pola Office and Pola Night to give our clients their smiling confidence back. As the official whitening partner of 2020 Miss Universe Australia and the product used to give Miss USA her winning smile, we can confidently say that your teeth are in for 5-star treatment. We offer this whitening product with in-office or take-home treatment options.

In-office: The in-office whitening option takes around an hour for treatment. The results are achieved considerably faster without the fuss of wearing whitening trays daily.

Take-home: The take-home whitening treatment option takes longer than the in-office treatment, however the process is simple, achieves the same result, and is more cost effective. The treatment is required for about an hour, nightly for 1 to 2 weeks or until you are happy with the colour of your teeth.

Regardless of the option you choose there is a straightforward process to undertake if you wish to achieve a healthy, bright and confident smile.

Step 1 is a dental check-up to ensure your teeth and gums are in good shape before whitening.

Step 2 is to repair any dental issues identified in step 1.

Step 3 is to have a scale and clean and if needed, impressions are taken. A thorough scale and clean preps the teeth well for the best whitening result. The impressions are used to create the custom-made bleaching trays used for the whitening treatment. As Westside Dentistry is a leading supplier of dentures in Brisbane, our on-site laboratory is equipped to make the trays quickly. A bonus for our patients who can normally return to pick up their custom-fitted teeth whitening kit in only a couple of days.

Step 4 is the whitening treatment which, as previously mentioned, is up to 1 hour for an in-office whitening treatment or 1-2 weeks for the take-home whitening treatment.

If you would like to find out more about the teeth whitening treatment options and alternatives available to you, please call to arrange an appointment on 07 3278 0580.


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