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Grinding and Snoring – The Great Sleep Struggle

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  A 2016 sleep health survey completed on Australian adults found that loud snoring is reported by 24% of men and 17% of women. Tooth grinding or Bruxism affects roughly 5% of Australians severely and many others intermittently. We are regularly asked; are these concerns serious? Will this impact my teeth and health? What causes […]

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Treats and Your Teeth

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Treats, who doesn’t love them?  Whatever your guilty pleasure, chances are that while your taste buds are having a field day, your teeth are under acid attack.  All foods affect your teeth differently, some worse than others.  Giving up treats is a big ask, but making small changes and maintaining a strong oral hygiene routine […]

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Smile Like a Miss Universe Model

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A beautiful smile is priceless. But there is something unfortunate about a self-conscious smile that is trying to hide stained teeth. Teeth are not naturally bright white, nor are they brown or yellow. Maintaining their natural perfection seems impossible though when most of the delicious things we eat often leave us with dark looking teeth. […]

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Denture Love and Care at Westside Dentistry

dentures at westside dentistry

Denture love and care is our priority here at Westside Dentistry. Di, our dental prosthetist, has over 39 years in the dental industry working with dentures. She has refined the experience over these years and we can proudly say we have it down to a fine art. Living with dentures shouldn’t be a pain. Living […]

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Teeth Whitening Options in 2020


Smile! Life is returning to normal. Luckily there are different ways to help you achieve and maintain a bright white grin. Teeth whitening options When done with proper professional supervision, teeth whitening is a cost-effective and safe way of giving you a sparkling white smile.  Over-the-counter DIY products are much less effective and can cause […]

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All About Gum Disease

Westside Dentistry gum disease

Welcome to 2020! What an exciting start already. My name is Victoria and our patients at Westside Dentistry often ask about gum disease, what it is and how do I fix it? Well today, I’m going to tell you. Gum disease is a pathological inflammatory condition. Simple words please! Let’s break it down in stages. […]

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Teeth Whitening Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Teeth Whitening

Your wedding day will probably be one of the smiliest days of your life.  You’ll want to make sure your smile shows a set of bright, pearly white teeth during the big day.  Luckily there are different ways to help you achieve and maintain a bright smile. Teeth whitening When done with proper professional supervision, […]

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How Do I Stop My Partner From Snoring?


If you’ve ever tried to sleep next to a snoring partner, you’ll be all too well aware how interrupted sleep can lead to frustration, irritability and exhaustion. It’s worth remembering though, that snoring is a medical condition, not a habit. Earplugs or separate bedrooms may solve the problem, but they don’t tackle the root cause […]

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