Denture Repairs

Denture RepairsAt Westside Dentistry in Graceville, Brisbane, we understand how important your teeth are, which is why we offer 1 hour emergency repairs. Wait while we repair your denture or have a coffee in one of the local coffee-shops.

Don’t put your most valuable asset in the hands of just anyone. For attention to detail and personal care, choose Westside Dentistry.

Denture Repairs Brisbane

Dentures usually break for a reason, the most common one is the age of the denture. This can also mean that your denture is no longer fitting the shape of your gums and your denture is experiencing excessive force. The shape of your jaw can also change over time, meaning your dentures need relining so that they fit correctly and don’t break or wear incorrectly.

Diane Tozer and her team of dental technicians have seen every cause of broken and damaged dentures. Common issues include splits and cracks, and teeth falling off the denture itself.

All repairs are guaranteed for workmanship and to be free of defects and any problems with materials. You can guarantee that your satisfaction and comfort is our highest priority.

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