How to Care for Your Dentures

denturesWhether you have full or partial dentures, made of Acrylic (plastic), Valplast (nylon) or Chrome Cobalt (metal), learning how to care for them correctly is important to improve their longevity, fit and performance. Brisbane Denture Prosthetist, Diane Tozer, from Westside Dentistry, has put together this helpful guide for denture wearers.

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How to Care For Your Acrylic Dentures

  1. Between cleanings, remove your dentures after eating, and gently rinse to remove any food particles.
  2. Soak in a denture cleaning solution in room temperature water for about fifteen minutes before brushing. It is not necessary to do this daily if you do not wish to – every other day is sufficient.
  3. Use a soft toothbrush with a toothpaste designed for dentures. Hard bristled brushes and some toothpaste can cause rough patches on the acrylic material.
  4. Rinse your dentures thoroughly before replacing in the mouth.
  5. Wearing your denture during the night is a personal choice. If you feel comfortable sleeping with a denture in, then do so.

How to Care For Your Valplast Dentures

Partial dentures are often made from Valplast, this material is less susceptible to breakage than Acrylic.

  1. Always rinse your Valplast denture after eating.
  2. Use a commercial cleaning product designed specifically for dentures. A fifteen-minute soaking is sufficient but it is ideal if you have an ultrasonic denture cleaner as this will dislodge any food particles or bacteria from areas that might otherwise be hard to clean.
  3. You can brush your Valplast denture occasionally, if necessary to remove any stubborn particles, just using a soft brush but regular brushing is not recommended. This can roughen the surface and dull the appearance. For this reason, you should always remove your denture before brushing and flossing your natural teeth.
  4. You can wear your Valplast denture during the night, however, depending on the size, it can dislodge during sleeping. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your denture whilst sleeping, then take it out and store in a dental appliance box.

How to Care For Your Chrome Cobalt Dentures

These hypoallergenic metal dentures are smaller and lighter than plastic ones, and strong and durable. There are two simple options for cleaning.

  1. Cover your denture with room temperature water and soak using an appropriate dental cleanser for about fifteen minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Make sure to brush the denture every day with a specially designed denture toothbrush, to remove particles.
  2. Some denture commercial cleaning products are designed for overnight soaking of metal dentures, which can also be used.

Please note that not all cleansers are safe for use on metal dentures. If you have any concerns, please contact us at Westside Dentistry for advice.

Other Helpful Tips for All Denture Wearers

  • Remember that dentures can easily be broken if dropped so when cleaning, brush them over a soft, folded towel and when rinsing in the sink, half fill the bowl with water to act as a cushion if they should accidentally slip from your fingers.
  • Wearing your denture for as long as possible each day will help to prevent further bone loss from your jaw.
  • Don’t leave them where pets can get hold of them – dogs especially, seem to find dentures irresistible!
  • Don’t lose them! If they aren’t in your mouth, then they should be in a dental appliance box.

Finally, an important part of taking care of your dentures is the vital step of caring for your mouth and gums. If you feel more comfortable removing your denture during the night, then do so, otherwise you can wear it during sleep. If you wear a partial denture, brush and floss your remaining teeth twice a day. It is important to preserve these for the comfort and fit of your prosthetic teeth. If you have no natural teeth remaining, it is still important to brush your gums and tongue with a soft brush twice a day to remove any plaque and keep your gums healthy.

Following all of our tips will help to keep your mouth healthy and your dentures to give you years of comfortable wear.


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